Our process is simple. Contact our dedicated team at 780-221-4445 to advise us of the death. Then on our website, click the “Begin the Arrangement Process” button and provide the vital statistic details of your loved one. Select a cremation container, a cremation urn or any additional services and merchandise. Pay for the cremation services you’ve selected and wait for the cremated remains to be delivered to you.

step one:

Contact our dedicated team at 780-221-4445 to notify us of the death and begin the online arrangements.

step two:

Select the services and merchandise you require and pay for them directly online at the end of the arrangement process.

step three:

We will transfer your loved one into our care and cremation takes place.

step four:

We return your loved one’s cremated remains along with the legal documents in the urn you chose.

Ready to take the first step? We're here for you.