Our ValueCremation® package provides an affordable option for families requiring the basic services of the funeral home for cremation only.

By completing the arrangements online, via our website, you are bypassing the need to meet with a funeral director at our funeral home. The cost associated with that service has been removed from our fee and the savings passed on to you.

If you are not comfortable completing the arrangements online, an appointment with one of our licensed funeral directors can be scheduled with an additional fee.

Our ValueCremation® service fee includes:

  • Use of our website to complete the Online Arrangements
  • Transportation of your loved one, within 100km of Edmonton in to our care
  • Sheltering of your loved one
  • Registration of Death with the Alberta Government
  • Cremation fee
  • Transferring cremated remains in to selected urn
  • Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board Fee
  • Certificate of Cremation
  • Cemetery, clergy and transit permits
  • 12 Funeral Director’s Statements of Death
Itemized List of our ValueCremation® Package
Professional Fee & Registration
Transfer of Deceased
Cremation Fee
Alberta Funeral Service Requlatory Board Fee
Total: $810

Additional required items:

Cremation Container – starting at $95
Basic Transportation Urn – $35