Lauirie Robert Lennie

July 16, 1955 - November 20, 2023
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In Memorium: Lauirie Robert Lennie 1955-2023

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Lauirie Robert Lennie. He was a true individualist who left an indelible mark on all those who knew him. Born on July 16, 1955, in Comox BC, Lauirie lived a colorful life and was full of unwavering convictions.

Lauirie was a man who loved searching for the truths in life and had a penchant for unconventional theories that often left his loved ones shaking their heads in bemusement. His tireless pursuit of hidden truths, no matter how improbable, was a testament to his unyielding spirit.

His gruff exterior masked a genuine concern for those around him, and his family fondly remembers the countless hours spent debating and debunking his latest theories. While Lauirie’s stubbornness sometimes tested the patience of those closest to him, it was impossible for his family and friends to not admire the depth of his convictions.

In his later years, Lauirie mellowed, finding solace in the company of his dogs, family, and those who shared his unique perspective. His legacy lives on in the memories of animated discussions and the enduring love of a family that embraced him, quirks and all.

As we say our goodbyes, let us remember Lauirie not only for his idiosyncrasies but for the bonds of family and the resilience of individuality that defined his life.

After losing a long fought battle against cancer, Lauirie passed away peacefully in his sleep on Monday Nov. 20th, 2023 in the Smoky Lake Hospital where he was well cared for until his passing.

May he rest in peace, forever a character in the grand narrative of our own peculiar histories.

Lauirie is lovingly remembered and survived by his Father Gordon Lennie, His Sister Pat Whiteley, Brother Randy Lennie and Sister Melody Dalley. He is also survived by his children Maeghan Coles, Levi Lennie, Rhiannon MacPhail, Jordawna Gunnlaugson, and Caleb Lennie. Lauirie leaves behind 10 beautiful grandchildren and was predeceased by his loving mother Alice Marie Just Lennie.

A memorial in honour of Lauirie is to be held at West Lawn Memorial Gardens 16310 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton. Internment to start at 12 pm on Dec.16th 2023 with luncheon to follow at family members house.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests you donate to an animal shelter of your choice in Lauirie's name.

  1. Lauirie had not many friends who actually agreed with him. I’m very grateful that his ‘debatable’ truths still stand… Debatable!
    I was probably the only person he ever knew who did the same harsh research he did and in that we created a very strong bond. Days and hours spent looking anywhere for ‘truth’.
    I will call it ‘Spiritual’ because I’m not sure how many people he knew were as much caring about the ‘after life’ as he was. Not only his, but yours too!

    We all have ‘quirks’ and idiosyncrasies’. His were too extreme for his time here. But mark my words & I hope they will be Spoken! His entire family will look back at, and ” admire the depth of his convictions.” For surely, the world is quickly & vastly changing! In the next two years it is my egregious promise that he will be remembered for his wisdom, research and the words he spoke came from the depths of a very compassionate heart for all of humanity, including his loved ones.

    It was hard for him staying with his dad, Gordon. Being ‘grown up’ sucks! But I was always grateful his dad pitched up for him when something needed doing. Even a good meal. I told him that. To whichever sister took the ‘lil dogs, I too was grateful. We did share a love of the Canine sort. I was in contact with him since North Battleford in SK.. about 5 years ago. To his son Levi, whom I spoke to. . IF you wrote this about him, I aplaud you, no matter the conspiracy gap that is evident to all about him.
    As a perfect stranger I can tell you he did feel that estrangement from all, felt rejected too and it was a hard thing to carry on his ‘father’ back. He only ever meant good.

    He meant well. He cared deeply as most Cancerians do. Lover’s of Home & hearth all. He mentioned his mom so often!! He was deeply encouraged by her way of perceiving life and how hard she worked to achieve that for all of you now. So my tribute to Alice too. He obviously was always fond of her.

    I have truly missed our long phone conversations! I’m an immigrant, caucasian from S.Africa. We talked about diamonds and gold an all things not generally known. Levi said his daughter would get the ‘rock collection’ and I hope from my heart that she too gets how much it meant to him!

    In closing.. I’m in Calgary. IF I cannot attend.. please may this be read aloud? A completely objective opinion?
    COLORFUL Life!? Why not? Be content that he did. So have I and either not missed by all the .. family normies. Sad for us. Was Ghandi a ‘normie’? Was Mandela a ‘normie’? Was Einstein a ‘normie’? NO!

    Then please, I beg.. give this man the best & greatest fun sendoff you can do!. Don’t judge him ever, ever again. He played an important part in this school -stage of ” LIFE”. One day, you will all hear his “debates” come true.
    Please _ Levi? Speak for a stranger whom he gave hours to listen to in his truly solitary & mostly quiet lonely life!
    Lonely and fragile. He hurt. I knew.
    ( I will love you for that!)

  2. Dear Lennie Family,

    I met Lauirie in 2012 while working at the plant in North Battleford, and while his personality wasn’t for everyone, I very much enjoyed his company! Aside from time spent at work, I had Lauirie out a couple times at my ice shack to do some ice fishing. He helped my family move when we relocated out of town, and even came and drove combine for us for one harvest when we couldn’t find anyone to help. Lauirie always spoke fondly about his kids and had a big heart, I will remember him most for that.

    Rest easy Lauirie,


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