Zane Preston Schlosser

November 27, 1979 - April 21, 2024
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It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our father, Zane Preston Schlosser. He was a father to three extraordinary children, Breanna Schlosser, Ethan Schlosser, and Grace Schlosser, he chose Kelly Guenthner as their amazing mother. He was the son of two extremely loving parents, Kathleen Schlosser and David Schlosser. And he was the younger brother to two amazing siblings, Katherine Schlosser and Herman Schlosser. He was the uncle to four wonderful kids, Mickayla Moher, Katelyn Blackburn, Tricity Moher, and Liam Moher. Zane was a brother to many, he showed a lot of us that you don't have to share blood to be family. If you were Zane's brother, you were a part of the family.

Zane had a huge heart of gold, and a head of steel. He had a crazy soul that will forever impact all of us. You could always count on Zane to be in your corner, even if nobody else was. He was compassionate, outspoken, crazy good at math, and just the right amount of "too much". He knew when to stand up and say something, but had troubles sitting back down after the fact... something you had to love and admire. His love was strong, and was something to fear if messed with.

Zane was devoted and unstoppable when he put his mind to something, and when people doubted him it only drove him stronger. He opened up his own small engine shop using the Schlosser name just as his dad did, which we should all be proud of. He loved his RC trucks, and his ridiculous year round clown masks, but he loved waiting for the perfect moment to give you a good old Charlie horse. He took pride in what he did, from cleaning his house to fixing some old ladies vehicle he had never met. He loved his friends and family dearly, but not to far behind was his love for games. Whether it was Wii Sports, Risk, or even Guitar Hero, you could count on him to kick your ass. He was always the life of the party, even if there shouldn't have been one.

Although Zane, a loving father, son, brother, uncle, and friend, had faced many obstacles throughout his life, he never failed in trying to get back on his feet. I wish we all could've seen that day, as he imagined so many times for himself. He now rests in peace with his brother Herman, who he admired every day since anyone could remember. We should all find comfort in knowing that when our time comes, we will have many beloved family members welcoming us. Death seems a little less scary and dark when you have amazing people waiting for you. Zane would've wanted us all to pick up our heads, hug his mother and father, and blast some music as loud as the speakers could go. His memories will stay with us forever, and one day we will all be reunited.

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers ­čÖĆ are with your family.

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